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TYTON JOINT® Ductile Iron Pipe & FIELD LOK 350® Gaskets

TYTON JOINT® is U.S. Pipe’s trademark for ductile iron pipe with a push-on type connection. Simplicity, sturdiness and watertightness are built into the system by design. Convincing proof of its worldwide acceptance is shown by the fact that more than 95% of the pipe now sold by U.S. Pipe is TYTON JOINT Pipe.

TYTON JOINT Pipe is available in sizes 3" through 64". Sizes 3" through 42" are available in nominal 18-foot laying lengths. 4" through 30" sizes, along with sizes 48" through 64", are available in nominal 20-foot laying lengths.

The gold standard for push-on joint restraint. U.S. Pipe's FIELD LOK 350® Gasket is an extremely successful, trouble-free means of joint restraint in 4" - 24" sizes for well over one million Ductile Iron pipe and fitting joint assemblies across North America.

TR FLEX® Restrained Joint Pipe

To accommodate traditional open trench projects, as well as horizontal directional drilling (HDD) applications, the TR FLEX®  line of products is a flexible and reliable option. Easily disassembled. Sizes 4" - 24" suitable for 350 psi working pressures; 250 psi working pressures for 30" - 36". Perfect for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) applications.

HDSS® High Deflection High Pressure Restrained Pipe

The HDSS® pipe is the newest addition to the U.S. Pipe product line. It was designed as a high pressure restrained pipe with added deflection. HDSS Pipe and Fittings can provide a true 350psi working pressure with a flexible restrained push-on joint for 20”- 36” ductile Iron pipe and fittings. The HDSS Restrained Joint has a working pressure rating that is variable depending upon the class of pipe it is used with. 30” and 36” HDSS provides up to 2.5° and 2.0° deflection respectively, and 20" and 24” provides up to 3.5° deflection to allow for alignment and settlement issues in buried applications. The simple robust design and added deflection make this the strongest joint on the market, and ideal for bridge piping, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and pipe bursting applications.

HP Lok® Pipe and Fittings

HP LOK Restrained Joint Pipe and Fittings provide flexible push-on joints for 30"– 64" pipe sizes. The HP LOK Restrained Joint has a working pressure equivalent to the working pressure rating of the parent pipe with a maximum working pressure rating of 350 psi.


Specialty Coatings & Linings for Ductile Iron Pipe

U.S. Pipe offers various options for specialty coatings & linings for your ductile iron pipe needs.

Metallic Zinc Coatings provide a uniform cathodic protection of the ductile iron pipe surface. Zinc metallizing with a high purity zinc wire has been utilized for external corrosion control of iron pipe for over 50 years.

Polyethylene Encasement is the easiest, most economical and most effective method of corrosion protection for Ductile Iron pipe and fittings installed in aggressive soils. It is simply a tube or sheet of polyethylene film that is slipped over or wrapped around the exterior of the pipe and/or fitting at the job site prior to installation.

V-Bio Polyethylene Encasement contains both a corrosion inhibitor to eliminate this initial corrosion rate, and also contains a biocide to address any corrosion causing bacteria which may be present in uniquely severe corrosion environments.  It inhibits and stops the initial growth of corrosion cells caused by anaerobic bacteria under the polywrap with a proven anti-microbial.


Metallic Zinc Coating 

Polyethylene Encasement

V-Bio Polyethylene Encasement


U.S. Pipe Fabrication

With twelve locations, U.S. Pipe Fabrication is the largest independent ductile iron pipe fabricator in the United States. Since our beginning in 1991, it has been our mission to provide the finest fabricated products along with excellent local service across North America. U.S. Pipe Fabrication has revolutionized the ductile iron pipe fabrication business.


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