With 100 plus years of Waterworks experience, USC offers quality products and second to none service from coast to coast.


Who we are

Throughout Canada the Waterworks industry is made up of various products and suppliers. These products and suppliers change from Province to Province. With that, the accessibility varies for distribution in these areas.

That’s why we have started the Utility Supply Corporation (USC). To bring quality products and second to none service coast to coast. Through one banner: USC.

This could only be made possible with the right people in place. With 100 plus years experience in the waterworks industry, USC can look after your needs.

In order to meet these needs, we have setup two locations. USC West, based in Langley, BC providing sales for BC, AB, SK & MB and USC East, based in Kitchener, ON providing sales for ON, QC and the Atlantic provinces.

What we do


USC is a proud partner of Smith-Blair products in Canada. Why Smith-Blair? In a word, trust. Offering quality products, rapid response times, large inventories, custom fabrication and years of experience, Smith-Blair can help you solve your problems.

USC is also a distributor of Copperhead Tracer Wire, Boxes and Connectors for the Water & Sewer Industries across Canada. From open ditch, to directional drilling, to pipe bursting, Copperhead offers a product that can be specified. When you specify Copperhead tracer wire, expect value and reliability.

USC West is Western Canada's source for U.S. Pipe & Fabrication. From Ductile Iron Pipe, to restrained joints, welded outlets and fittings, U.S. Pipe has been providing dependable and economical solutions for their customers for over 100 years. 

USC West also represents CCI Pipeline Systems for all your casing spacer, end seals and wrap-it-link wall penetration seals as well as Petro-Wrap anti-corrosion tape, primer and mastic.


How can we help

Whether you’re a distributor, engineer or a contractor and you need assistance with parts, installation or specifications, USC is here to help. Please feel free to contact us with all your waterworks needs.


Room for Growth

At USC, we're open to new products to better service our customer's needs. Our goal is to make waterworks easy and accessible nationwide.