Cast Couplings

Smith-Blair Cast Couplings include a versatile system of interchangeable coupling components designed to be lighter, with fewer parts, to reduce required inventories, minimize handling problems and improve installation time.

Steel Couplings

Smith-Blair Steel Couplings offer many distinct advantages when installed in a piping system. Properly selected and installed flexible couplings maintain the continuity of the pipe system, retain the line contents under internal pressure and prevent infiltration under vacuum. Our couplings consist of one cylindrical sleeve with conical inner surfaces at each end; two resilient, wedge-shaped, specially-compounded rubber gaskets; two ring-shaped followers and a set of high-strength, low-alloy track-head, oval-neck, rolled-thread bolts with heavy hex nuts.

Flanged Coupling Adapters

Smith-Blair Flanged Coupling Adapters (FCA) provide versatility on the job site by eliminating the need for a flanged spool. Our FCAs combine a flexible coupling and flange to create a compact fitting connecting plain-end pipe to flanged fittings, meters, valves or equipment.

Pipe-Lock Joint Restraint Couplings

Smith-Blair Pipe-Lock Joint Restraint Couplings are fabricated steel sleeve restraint couplings that can be used to connect and restrain plain end pipe to plain end pipe.

Flange-Lock Flange Coupling Adapters

Smith-Blair Flange-Lock Joint Restraints restrain plain end pipe to plain end pipe and can join IPS PVC or ductile iron OD PVC to ductile iron or carbon steel.

911 Flange Lock, Flange Coupling Adapter

920 Flange Lock, Flange Coupling Adapter


Compression Couplings

Smith-Blair Compression Couplings are designed to fit nominal pipe sized half-inch through two-inches. The Compression Coupling is designed to join plain-end small diameter pipe on new installations and pipe modifications. It can also be used to maintain and repair existing pipe systems.

Dismantling Joints

Smith-Blair Dismantling Joints provide adjustability to equipment installations by combining a Flanged Coupling Adapter and a Flanged Spigot into one assembly. Dismantling Joint applications include valve, pump, meter and other flanged fitting installations.

971 Dismantling Joint, Non-Restrained

972 Dismantling Joint, Heavy-Duty Restrained

973 Dismantling Joint, Restrained


Expansion Joints

Smith-Blair Expansion Joints are carefully designed and manufactured according to specific engineering requirements. Each expansion joint consists of a slip pipe that telescopes within a body to compensate for changes in the length of a pipeline. The body of the expansion joints has a packing chamber containing resilient packing to form a seal between the body and the slip pipe.

EZ-W Restraint Couplings

Smith-Blair EZ-W Restraint Couplings for water service are designed with push on gaskets and engineered to simplify installation, restrain the pipe joint and ensure a tight seal. EZ-W Couplings can be used to connect IPS PE to steel pipes 1" through 12" diameters and ductile iron to IPS PE, PVC or steel pipe, 2"-8".

EZW - For restraining rigid pipe to PE & PVC pipe


End Caps

Smith-Blair End Caps Smith-Blair Steel Pipe End Caps are easy to remove, re-install and block. They are an ideal means of capping the line for testing, and they also make a dependable pipe end seal for permanent installation.