Tracer Wire

Copperhead High Strength (HS) Tracer Wire combines the strength of fully annealed high-carbon steel with the conductivity and corrosion resistance of solid copper. The result is an industry exclusive in strength and reliability. Copperhead High Strength reinforced tracer wire is an engineering breakthrough for the underground construction industry and a perfect all-around tracer wire for open cut applications. Spools available in 500 ft, 1000 ft & 2500 ft rolls.

Copperhead SuperFlex Tracer Wire offers all the field-proven advantages of original Copperhead products. Designed for light duty open cut applications, Superflex acts and feels like solid copper, yet offers superior strength and durability. Spools available in 500 ft, 1000 ft & 2500 ft rolls.

Copperhead's SoloShot Extra High Strength (EHS) Tracer Wire is engineered specifically to handle the rigors of directional drilling. Copperhead’s SoloShot Extra High Strength (EHS) reinforced tracer wire has six times the breaking strength of solid copper in directional drill applications. SoloShot EHS outperforms conventional copper wire in both performance and cost. SoloShot EHS represents another breakthrough in the trenchless industry. Don’t tolerate the hassle and cost associated with running multiple wires and costly re-bores due to broken tracer wire. Spools available in 500 ft, 1000 ft & 2500 ft rolls.

Copperhead's SoloShot Xtreme Tracer Wire is a 7×7 stranded copper-clad steel tracer wire engineered to withstand the volatile environment of pipe bursting and critical bores. With a breaking strength of 4,700 lbs., compared to 3/16 stranded stainless steel (commonly used for pipe bursting), SoloShot Xtreme is nearly 30 percent stronger and is 3 1/2 times more conductive making your locates more accurate. SoloShot Xtreme provides you with the strongest, most reliable tracer wire available. Plus, because SoloShot Xtreme is so durable, it’s the only tracer wire needed for bursting and critical boring applications. Spools available in 500 ft, 1000 ft & 2500 ft rolls.

High Strength 1430, 14 awg, Soft Drawn 250#, Open Cut

High Strength 1230, 12 awg, Soft Drawn 380#, Open Cut

High Strength 1030, 10 awg, Soft Drawn 600#, Open Cut

Superflex 1430, 14 awg, Soft Drawn 170#, Open Cut

Superflex 1230, 12 awg, Soft Drawn 250#, Open Cut

SoloShot Extra High Strength 1245, 12 awg, Hard Drawn 1150#, Directional Drilling

SoloShot Extra High Strength 1045, 10 awg, Hard Drawn 2032#, Directional Drilling

SoloShot Xtreme, .2043" 7x7 Stranded CCS Hard Drawn 4700#, Pipe Burst

Test Stations

Copperhead's SnakePit Test Station make locating your underground utility easy! The SnakePit offers an insulated direct connection point for your locate transmitter that attaches easily to your tracing wire.  Our exclusive encapsulated magnet system makes finding the access point simple.  Anti-corrosion technology and a locking cover will give your peace of mind.  Secure it, cover it, and don't worry about it.  SnakePit's cast iron covers are color-coded according to the American Public Works Association (APWA) standards. What does this mean for you? Instant recognition of the underground utility you are tracing.

Copperhead's Cobra T3 Test Station provides convenient above ground access to connect your locating equipment, while protecting your tracer wire. The Cobra T3 can handle up to three terminals plus optional shorting jumpers to give complete flexibility for many field configurations.

SnakePit Test Station

Cobra T3 Test Station

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Locking Connectors

Copperhead's SnakeBite Locking Connectors make connecting tracer wire easy. SnakeBite's exclusive 90-degree Twist Lock design means you simply insert the wires, twist 90 degrees and the SnakeBite connector is locked. Done! It's that simple! No need to strip the wires! Using SnakeBite connectors reduces installation time and lowers our overall labour costs.

Copperhead's DryConn 3-way Direct Bury Lug eliminates the need to cut the main line and installs in less than a minute. This connector is pre-filled with dielectric silicone sealant that never hardens making it waterproof and corrosion proof.  The improved outer lid locks down in three places keeping your connection free from contaminants and the user friendly design prevents cuts and handling discomfort.

Copperhead's DryConn Direct Bury Twist-on is also offered with or without strain relief which both offer the same water proof and corrosion proof benefits as the Direct Bury Lug by being pre-filled with dielectric silicone sealant. Both Twist-on connectors are one piece for easy installation and work perfectly for splicing lines. 

SnakeBite Locking Connectors

DryConn 3-way Direct Bury Lug

DryConn Direct Bury Twist-on



The Copperhead ViperMag Pipe and Cable Locator is a general purpose locator used to detect buried pipe and cable services in a variety of situations. The ViperMag has achieved a compact and lightweight design without compromising strength and performance to meet the requirements of those wishing to detect the presence of active power cables, metal locating, and tracing all types of pipes and cables. The ViperMag transmitter can supply a very useful 1 watt signal power. Signal application can be either direct connection or induction if there is no access point. With the addition of the optional signal clamp the ViperMag transmitter can be applied to the target line no matter what the situation.

ViperMag Locator

Viper Clamp

Viper Hard Case



Copperhead Wire Handling Equipment makes your projects easier and save time and money.


Snake Charmer

Grounding Anodes