RCT Flex-Tite Fittings

Revelation Connection Technology (RCT) Flex-Tite Fittings are a new self-restrained fitting with an integral restraining gasket. This fitting eliminates the need for external restraint devices that are labor intensive and are prone to corrosion. It teams the strength of ductile iron with the non-corrosive benefits of an internal self-restraining gasket in an easy-to-install push-on fitting. Flex-Tite fittings are designed to be used on AWWA C900/C909 DR-14, -18 or -25 pipe in 4-inch through 12-inch diameters.

Pipe-Lock Joint Restraint Couplings

Smith-Blair Pipe-Lock Joint Restraint Couplings are fabricated steel sleeve restraint couplings that can be used to connect and restrain plain end pipe to plain end pipe.

471 Pipe-Lock DI x DI Restrained Coupling

472 Pipe-Lock PVC x PVC Restrained Coupling 

473 Pipe-Lock PVC x DI Restrained Coupling 

474 Pipe-Lock DI x DI Reducing Restrained Coupling 

475 Pipe-Lock PVC x PVC Reducing Restrained Coupling 


476 Pipe-Lock PVC x DI Reducing Restrained Coupling

477 Pipe-Lock Sleeve Only 


Flange-Lock Joint Restraints

 Smith-Blair Flange-Lock Joint Restraints restrain plain end pipe to plain end pipe and can join IPS PVC or ductile iron OD PVC to ductile iron or carbon steel.

911 Flange-Lock Flange x DI Coupling Adapter

920 Flange-Lock Flange x PVC Coupling Adapter

923 Flange-Lock Flange Weldment Coupling Adapter


AWWA M-11 Harness Style Assemblies

Smith-Blair Harness Assemblies should be used where calculations show the forces resulting from a lateral connection, change in direction of the pipeline, unstable soil, thermal expansion/contraction or other service conditions could cause the pipe to move out of the coupling.


M11 Harness Assembly 


Cam-Lock Joint Restraints

Smith-Blair Cam-Lock Joint Restraints save labor by providing superior restraint with fewer wedges and install on IPS size PVC without modifications. The Cam-Lock's lower bolt torque and wider wedges reduce pipe stress. Cam-Lock Features include color-coded nuts and wedges, epoxy coating, visible wedge engagement and longer T-bolts. Available in sizes 3" through 24".

Bell-Lock Joint Restraints

Smith-Blair Bell-Lock Joint Restraints provide a quick and efficient means of restraining hydrants, valves, pipe bells and fittings used in water and wastewater systems.  Bell-Lock features include recessed shoulders for single wrench installation, compatible with standard MJ and some push-on style fittings. Available in sizes 4" through 12". 

Anchor Studs

Smith-Blair Anchor Studs are designed as an alternative coupling method to harness assemblies for applications where moderate longitudinal stresses are encountered.

EZ-W Restraint Couplings

Smith-Blair EZ-W Restraint Couplings for water service are designed with push on gaskets and engineered to simplify installation, restrain the pipe joint and ensure a tight seal. EZ-W Couplings can be used to connect IPS PE to steel pipes 1" through 12" diameters and ductile iron to IPS PE, PVC or steel pipe, 2"-8". 


Restraint Plates, Tie Rods & Nuts

Restraint Plates, Tie Rods and Nuts - For restraining flange to flange pipe.

Restraint Plates, Tie Rods and Nuts