Tapping Sleeves

Smith-Blair Tapping Sleeves consist of two sections of heavy welded steel that bolt together on the pipe and seal against a concave wedge gasket around the tap opening. The outlet half has a recessed flat-faced flange to mate with standard tapping valves MSS SP 60 up through 12-inch size-on-size. For tap sizes 14-inch and above, flanges can be furnished to accommodate the valve requirements.

Service Saddles

Smith-Blair Service Saddles comprise the largest line of saddles in the industry with NSF Standard 61 approval for fast, dependable tapping on all types of pipes. Outstanding features like the Taper Seal gasket, heavy forged bales and a wrap-around design that reinforces and supports the pipe, are combined in our service saddles to provide low initial cost, ease of installation and excellent lasting qualities.

Full Circle Repair Clamps (Tapping)

Smith-Blair Full Circle Repair Clamps consist of one or more stainless steel band sections to which cast or fabricated lugs are securely attached. The lugs accommodate bolts and nuts when mounting the clamp on pipe. Full Circle Repair Clamps have a full encirclement, tapered, overlapping, gridded gasket with a flush mounted, bonded, stainless steel bridge plate to span the band opening between the lugs. This provides a full circumferential seal on the pipe.

Line Stops

Smith-Blair Line Stops are utilized as a method to temporarily shut off flow in a live pipeline.

Steel Couplings

Smith-Blair Steel Couplings offer many distinct advantages when installed in a piping system. Properly selected and installed flexible couplings maintain the continuity of the pipe system, retain the line contents under internal pressure and prevent infiltration under vacuum. Our couplings consist of one cylindrical sleeve with conical inner surfaces at each end; two resilient, wedge-shaped, specially-compounded rubber gaskets; two ring-shaped followers and a set of high-strength, low-alloy track-head, oval-neck, rolled-thread bolts with heavy hex nuts.